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Mike Caron Sarah jim
We came! We saw! You kicked ASS lastnightBiggrinBiggrinBiggrin
Dave Barron
1/3/09 Came to see you (my dear friends)for the umpteenth time last night, this time at Penistone.How do you manage to improve on perfection, but yet again you all gave us an ultimate performance which came over fresher than any daisy.I cannot wait for your next visit to our area when I can bring more of my Queen fan friends to be astounded. As always my kindest regards to you all. Dave
what can i say . ....;;;;;;;;;;; Smile
Hi,saw you in Alnwick last night.It was a great show.Come back soon.
thanks MR C please don`t let standards slip again lol x Biggrin
Simply Brilliant.
Richmond Georgian Theatre
N. Yorkshire.BiggrinBiggrinBiggrinBiggrinBiggrinBiggrin
i went as a fan. And left a bigger fan! AWESOME night
Can't to see you in Lincoln!
If i xan wait that long that is lol
Thank you for suck an awesome show i loved
Jo x
The best concert I have ever been to! I took my husband as a valentine treat and he was amazed! One vision was excellent and it just got better, can't wait until you come back to Newark again.
All musicians (and performer)were fantastic - drumming solo - wow!
Beverley Mc Lean
Saw them at Artscape in Cape Town. Absolutely fantastic. Hope they come back soon

Really enjoyed the show last night at Newark and thought you were all amazing. The guitarist was outstanding, the base was remarkable, the pianist was quality, the drummer was astonishing and lead vocals was astounding!! Would love to watch you all again!Biggrin Wink
I came on a high and left on an even bigger one. you're absolutely brilliant.
When Lee 'Spike Edney' asked me afterwards what my favourite was - I couldnt answer because they were all good!! Biggrin
keep it going guys!
hopefully see you in Lincoln in April!
All the best!

I sat in the front row last night at Newark - you guys are terrific. Thank you so much for giving my mum a great night. We came because today is the first anniversary of my Dad's death and he was a massive queen fan - what a great way to celebrate a man's life and cheer us all up at the same time ! Not to mention that you are fantastic !
If you ever want to do a charity concert you let me know please.
Love and many thanks
what is there left to say you just get better brill night in newark brought 10 friends . one word FANTASTIC !!!!Tongue
BiggrinHey lads just wanna say what a great nite tonight at Newark superb as usual btw thanks lee for bigging up grove kids and dedicating fat bottum girls to them it meens a lot .long live Mercury.
Nikki & Darren
WOW - Just to back up what Darren said, you guys were so "on form" Friday night at the Plowright. Lee's vocals were one of the best and strongest yet! The crowd were fab which made for an amazing atmosphere (I'm bound to be biased, being a Scunny lass!) Brought some friends who haven't seen you before and they were gob smacked. Got tickets for Darrens brother for the Thursday Show and he REALLY enjoyed it (and he ain't easily impressed let me tell you!) Hope to see you really soon. Think u are back up our way in April. Would love to get tickets for Newark (13th) but doubt there will be any left. Drive carefully in the snowy weather lads. Keep up the good work! Rachel, if you r reading this - hope you are ok chick! Best wishes Nikki, Darren and Girls Biggrin
Darren & Nikki
Biggrin Seen you so many times now but have to admit, that was THE best performance of the lot. Everything was brilliant from every member but a special mention must go to Pat for the drum solo, it was mind blowing.
Finally, got to mention Ian for doing a superb job on the desk, rock on!
See you soon.
Paul Johnson
Saw you guys last Friday night at Plowright Theatre, the show was absolutely fantastic! After having seen the real Queen+Paul Rodgers at Sheffield Arena, I can honestly say you wouldve given the Queen lineup a run for their money! Fantastic show, I hope you come back to Scunthorpe soon, I'd love to see you again. Next time you come to Scunthorpe, please would you consider replacing tracks such as Bicycle Race with Another One Bites The Dust, '39, Under Pressure and such like?
I was totally stunned to how Joseph actually sounded like Freddie Mercury and how much the sound was so alike to Queen. The Drum solo was absolutely fantastic, Pat would give Roger a run for his money! Great guitar solos, some really bass sections which was great, very good keyboarding, just fantastic! Keep it up guys!
Marks out of 10: 50 Biggrin
Lilian Simpson
Tongue AMAZING!! I was really impressed with the show last night. (Glen) Brian May was exceptional, loved his guitar solo - stunning! Come back soon to sunny scunny guys.
Jonny Duffield
Wow, FANTASTIC show as always, absolutely loved it Smile
Come back to Scunthorpe soon please, I don't think I can wait a whole year to see that again. (Please would you consider putting "Hammer to fall" and "Under pressure" back into the show) Thanks again.
I would just like to say a big thank you Joseph cos i know from my grandaughter you have very kindly helped them with their vocals ect on Grove School we will rock you production cant wait till 13th to see mercury at newark again thank you again .

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