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Paul Johnson
Saw you guys last Friday night at Plowright Theatre, the show was absolutely fantastic! After having seen the real Queen+Paul Rodgers at Sheffield Arena, I can honestly say you wouldve given the Queen lineup a run for their money! Fantastic show, I hope you come back to Scunthorpe soon, I'd love to see you again. Next time you come to Scunthorpe, please would you consider replacing tracks such as Bicycle Race with Another One Bites The Dust, '39, Under Pressure and such like?
I was totally stunned to how Joseph actually sounded like Freddie Mercury and how much the sound was so alike to Queen. The Drum solo was absolutely fantastic, Pat would give Roger a run for his money! Great guitar solos, some really bass sections which was great, very good keyboarding, just fantastic! Keep it up guys!
Marks out of 10: 50 Biggrin
Lilian Simpson
Tongue AMAZING!! I was really impressed with the show last night. (Glen) Brian May was exceptional, loved his guitar solo - stunning! Come back soon to sunny scunny guys.
Jonny Duffield
Wow, FANTASTIC show as always, absolutely loved it Smile
Come back to Scunthorpe soon please, I don't think I can wait a whole year to see that again. (Please would you consider putting "Hammer to fall" and "Under pressure" back into the show) Thanks again.
I would just like to say a big thank you Joseph cos i know from my grandaughter you have very kindly helped them with their vocals ect on Grove School we will rock you production cant wait till 13th to see mercury at newark again thank you again .
Mark and Jo
Came to see the Groves school production of WE WILL ROCK YOU last night. Loved every minute of the show and Josephs little role at the end,just booked tickets to see you at Newark on the 13th,cant wait!!!
Carole Miller
Hello from Canada! We attended your show in Shrewsbury on Sept.9. It was truly fantastic! Wish you could come and perform for our "Harbourfest" celebrations some August. We would love to have you. (We are from Kenora on Lake of the Woods. Hope to see you again sometime. Bye
amazing cant wait to see you again really enjoyed it
Can't wait 4 Scunthorpe show. Got my tickets !!!!! C u there lads Biggrin XD 8D
a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.. Looking forward to seeing again in 2009. Best wishes and
Linda Haigh
Smile Saw you at the Picturedrome in Holmfirth for the first time after people had said how good you were. You were great! Loved the whole show and it was a great atmosphere and look forward to seeing you at the Picturedrome next December. I've got it in my diary already!
Steve Chambers
We saw you at Butlins december 14th, you guys are brilliant, my wife and I truly enjoyed you Queen music feast. Also was very nice to have met you back of stage when we were dressed as Darth vader and Scout trooper from star wars.... will keep a look out for a C3PO outfir for you.

Ryan Sharpe
Hello to you all this is more of a business comment i strongly advise you to get in contact with the Isle of Wight Festival orgaisers because at the 2008 festival a Pink Floyd tribute act headlined the big top stage on the saturday night and i find there is no reason why they wouldnt book you for the slot which you will play in front of approximately 5000 people. I have now seen you 4 times n i will back you up all the way for more info please e-mail me asap

Ryan Sharpe
paul and jan cooper
just to say thanks for last night at the venue isle of wight , looking forward to the next time.
Vicki & Eden
Wow so excited just found out you are in Northallerton in Feb. Oh my god you will make my 58th Birthday really hot hot hot... ALso agree with person who wants you to visit Rhyl or Llandudno my home town. Vicki x x you rock my world
larry lurex
loved ya....come to llandodno or already sold 2 tickets
very disappointed, me and my friends were really really looking forward to watching you tonight, but you cancelled at the last minute. I'm sure there was good reason and I wish you all the best, but we are truly saddened not to have seenyou perform.Sad
fantastic show in nottingham - my kids loved it!
Saw you last night in Notts you were fantastic! Lee told me he was from Newark, so was wondering how busy your expecting the Newark show to be cuz would really like to come see you again? thanking you in advance.xx
another fantastic gig congratulations to you all all you just keep getting better TongueWink
jus go back from seeing u guys at the nottingham concert hall thought it was brilliant, definatly go n see u again.

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